Monday, March 30, 2009

Type of Unit Trusts...

1.Equity Funds

An equity unit trust is the most common type of unit trust. The major portion of its assets are generally held in equities or securities of listed companies.

Equity unit trust funds are popular in Malaysia as they provide investors with exposure to the companies listed on Bursa Malaysia. The performance of the units is therefore linked to the performance of Bursa Malaysia. A rising market will normally give rise to an increase in the value of the unit and vice-versa.

There is a wide array of equity unit trusts, available in the market, ranging from funds with higher risk, higher returns to funds with lower risk, lower returns.

Aggressive growth funds
These funds invest generally in companies with higher capital growth potential but with associated higher risk

Index funds
These funds invest in a range of companies that closely match (or “track”) companies comprising a particular index.

International equity funds
These funds invest primarily in overseas share markets.

2.Fixed Income Funds

These funds invest mainly in Malaysian Government Securities, corporate bonds, and money market instruments such as bankers acceptance and fixed deposits. The objective of a fixed income (or bond) funds is usually to provide regular income, with less emphasis on producing capital growth for investors. It is possible, however, for fixed income funds to generate both capital gains and losses during a period of volatile interest rate.

3.Money Market Funds

Money market funds operate in a similar way to a bank account-the unit price is normally set at a fixed amount. Money market funds invest in low risk money market instruments that are in effect short-term deposits(loans) to banks and other-low risk-financial institutions, and in short-term government securities.

4.Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

REITs invest in real properties, usually prominent commercial (office) properties and provide the investor with an opportunity to participate in the property market in a way which is normally impossible to the small time investor. By acquiring units in a listed REITS, however, it is possible to invest a small amount to gain exposure to the property market and have diversification in your portfolio.

5.Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

ETF is linked unit trust fund whose investment objective is to achieve the same return as a particular market index. ETF often have low expense ratios and can be bought and sold throughout the trading day through a stockbroker, on an exchange.

6.Balanced Funds

Some investors may wish to have an investment in all the major asset classes to reduce the risk of investing in a single asset class. A balanced unit trust fund generally has a portfolio comprising equities, fixed income securities, and cash.

7.Syariah Funds

The main objective of Syariah funds is to provide an alternative avenue for investors sensitive to Syariah requirements. Syariah funds will exclude those companies involved in activities, products or services related to conventional banking, insurance and financial services, gambling, alcoholic beverages and non-halal food products.

P/S: Nah,this is something that i learnt from book/ the way,u will see that fund number 1-4 frequently in our local banks or people approached u..Bah,sama2 kita belajar tg "tuhsin" kio!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jangan Malu Bertanya !!! Is it wrong to ask? Have a time to buy&read about financial/investment books?

Bingung?dont be, coz this is my self-reminder about how this life is going,by remind myself,sia always wanna learn sometg which i duno,but play a great role in my life - MONEY!!

Before i started go Uni, a friend of mine told me that a good way for investment, is using your 1st salary to buy a house!!not a car,which lots of us do it now (including myself!) why?coz,the earlier u buy house,then u have long time to pay that house loan sebab masih muda bah, compared to car since u might change it someday!! but once u have that house,never stop to invest,coz that house is not profitable if u stay inside..faham?bayangkan like this,u buy a big house, isi with lots of stuff, using loan banks, then someday ur house terbakar!! habis semua barang and ur investment dalamnya,kena bayar loan lagi,so? hutang keliling pinggang bah...

Two days ago,sia start balik beli magazine Men's Health, April 2009 issue..was blessed coz see this article from Peter Lim..what he said really make sense..BTW,sia pun ada put link blog dia di sebelah atas kanan..p tinguk and learn sometg yah..anyway,sia pun akan write apa yang dia cakap dari article dia:
1. Never buy house that is more than 2.5 times from ur household total income !!
-Contohnya,if gaji setahun suami RM 50000,and isteri RM40000, jgn bli rumah yang lebih dari RM225000.. -apa jadi if beli juga? u end-up with no saving but spent ur money just to pay the loan..
2. 20% of your net-income is what your monthly saving !!
- memang susah if kita bercakap tg menyimpan,ada ja yng mau dibeli,but make it as habit..u can start from 10% dulu,kemudian suit urself naik ke 20%..believe me,this is like exercising ur mind of long term investment..ingat,jgn menyimpan with what's left after spending but berbelanjala apa yg tgl after meyimpan!!

Ada lg yang dia cakap,but ini yang sia rasa most important aat the moment for us..Then, sia juga mau shared my knowledge yang sia dapat selama ini..macam sia cakap tadi,investment!! whatthe hell is that? well,banyak bah now investment or real estate or unit trust from banks..Sia plan mau join Public Mutual unit trust from Public Bank,so far among the best malaysia..but duno whether it is volatile..but that is a risk to take! but dun worry,u still can take unit trust from Maybank,coz it is secured by goverment's whatever happen inthe market, it's always profit come to you..

kamu fahamka? macam ini,bayangkan dimana profit kamu dapat from menyimpan after 10-20 years? so,if kamu meyimpan,kamu pun mau extra duit,itula part of unit trust!! they use ur simpanan to invest,and after certain time (kamu pilih 5,10 or 15thn),bulan2 bayar, dapatla hasil dia..kira macam Amanah Saham Bumiputra!!

Why i bring this matter? coz sia mau highlight pada JM,Jags..where do you put your money from oversea? spending spree? For the God's sake, have an investment esp unit trust,coz u wont be there till u retired,kan? both of ur currency, Euro and Pounds have a strong value if change to RM,jadi i rely dun want u all waste that value..sia banyak jumpa pesakit yang muda2 kerja di Oversea,gaji tinggi but dun have plan for future..once plg sini sudah,berusia,sakit and cant do operation coz cant afford the fee...As what i said,we learn from somebody's experienced,kan?

Jags,that is very good when u have sometg to tell/advice regarding ur engineering field..glad i have so many friends in engine/IT/teaching field..hopefully, a friend of mine from accountancy will give us advice here too..Anybody??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WOMEN as explained by Engineers.....







thanks to my fren,i get this post from him..

Saturday, January 31, 2009

this is AWE-wait for it-SOME !!!

Yeah,within this 1week, i watched few great movies,which most of it,havent come to our local panggung yet..Thanks for all the software which can make me watch this for free,hehe..well,im not a movie-goer,but i enjoyed watching in my laptop bah.. So,lets enjoy it.. Grand TORINO about a car, asian neighbourhood, gangster and an old white take revenge with legal way,this old man sacrified himself for the justice..and,really nice to see how a retired soldier/construction businessman help a growing up boy,from ASEAN..haha,wish that boy come from malaysia,specifically sabah..haha

4 american black guys soldier during world war 2..sia suka juga coz selama ini always about white people fighting for america,but dunno where were the 'Red Indian' or black people..very nice movie about love,superstitious and promises..and to see a black guy with Italian boy together,with different language, macam ayam and itik bah..satu cakap lain,satu ingat lain..

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE haha,a poor man turn out be a millionaire,just because wanna make sure his girlfriend can see him thru TV,coz she works in the kitchen, a house belongs to part is,all the questions (macam soalan2 dari jamaludin hassan bah), happens in that man's life..macam siapa pelakon terkenal movie dalam xxxx movie,dia tau coz pernah dapat autograf that actor..and,which city cambridge hall located in britain,dia tau coz dia tukang pembuat kopi di syarikat telekomunikasi yang setiap bandar di dunia,got maps di syarikat dia..kebetulan,dia ada kawan kerja di bahagian Britain's section..hahaha

Gosh, i love Kate Winslet!! 1st time saw her during Titanic movie..well,i didnt go to cinema bah,but my friend in hostel invited me go to his house and watched vcd..and,my friend just wanna see that naked-body-for-painting scene saja!!haha,and that was the 1st and last time saw her (and her body figure as well!) now,with this movie,really great..a woman and young boy relationship?if di sabah mg sudah kena sogit ni..2hours and macam first hour,semua about their explicit scenes,wau..and to see her body figure again,really shocked me!!after i compared time dia muda2 masa Titanic..well,just try ask any guys yang watched titanic,mesti dorang ingat lgtg that body-figure scene,and once u all see this movie,i bet some of them will be in bad mood.well,we all grow older,kan?
The Curious case of Benjamin Button this is an awesome movie!!really!! i did read it in my iPhone,and that short story happened during 1840,but the way the Director put it,i cant imagined how beautiful the scenes..well,it was directed by the same director of "Forest Gump" was about a guy who was born kind with some contrast with the norm,already old at 80's, n later died with the baby's eh?honestly,i dont like the story from the novel,but that movie really get me...well,until i watched that movie too,i never say/agree that Brad Pitt is an handsome guy,but he really though in that acting,with no wrinkle....and the best script that i likes; "would u like me when im younger with acne?bed wet?and scared anytg under the stairs?" SE7EN POUNDS
Again, sad movie from will smith..maybe u all are wondering, why "seven pounds"?not seven organs or seven kilogram?haha..well,they took it from a novel too, " A merchantless of nile".something about redemption,how to reapy for ur mistakes,gitu2la..a story about a man try to make sure,7 people yang dia mau pilih to donate his properties,and also organs are well deserved,he went and approached them personally..why do so?coz,he took 7 lifes including his wife,by his mistakes thru car accident..anybody wana try? p/s: well,its a good suggestion Yaya..maybe we can do that so=)sia setuju..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

warning !!!

Well,since CNY is just around the corner, it always mean that raining for the whole days..otherwise,there wont be 2 death cases in Beluran about boat sinking and drowning !!
so just be careful guys coz time2 ni memang best pmandi sungai,pancing udang or show-off with ur swimming skill,eh?

nowdays pun,KK kuat hujan,bikin takut bawa kereta!! tapi best juga coz urang bertapuk dirumah n susah datang hospital..haha

p/s: kepada cikgu-cikgu kita disini,plz make sure anak2 murid anda enda punteng pigi mandi sungai yah..

But then,once again in KK, still about school children, lot of street children already go work or become "penjaja"..some people feel pity for them,some are not coz they are PTI..and if u just let them wondering around,of course social issues are the main concerns!! and just to see them jual ikan somewhere at field?gosh..especially in wetmarket..anybody been in Sandakan wet market before?terrible!!

they will just follow u and begging to buy the black plastic@bahai..yeah,i felt pity but the fact is still the fact that they are illegal imigrants and its totally tarnished our state image..but,this is not our duty,coz we have enforcement for this matter? the question is,how strict and success this enforcement? I just wish,somehow we will have another type of Chong Kah Kiat where he was brave enough to make sure all the immigrant quarters being destroyed..kudos to him!

p/s: each of you should have ur own view regarding this matter,right?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ReBranding Of Jesus..

Disgusted! yeah,it was my first impression when i read this article in theStar newspaper lastweek. this article was about advertising, mainly came from the church's members who tried to renew the people's view or faith in God..well,since X'mas is just around the corner,cant help it though..

But,when i finished read the article,i found it really interesting, since their motives was not bad at all,but mainly to remind people about faith..nowadays, people put faith as a second thing in their life, coz money/lifestyle is the most important!! cant blamed them since i also feel the same way..and along the way to achieve this modern life, people think that put everything in faith wont change anything..really?

Even the lead member of this advertising group admitted that their purpose of doing so, was mainly to remind people of what they have missed..something about they can think and appreciated for the things happen in their of the adv that their used last year was so fascinating. A frothy beer which showed Jesus's face on the glass!! Gosh, just wondering how many people will affected while drink the beer and see this pic,haha..but, what's the point also if finished drink, and saw the pic? will it change anything? Hm, something to think about eh..

hm,sorry for "terbalik" pic!! but u still can see eh? so great to put this kind of adv..anybody wana beer?

well, nobody expect that Jesus was born in bus stand eh? but from this pic, it try to show that no matter where u put the holliness,people still ignored that event and busy with their life..

this pic showed the one of the dictator leader in one of south america countries, in Jesus's form..well,i think that if u can scared of that kind of leader,then u should be scare of God...

Whatever it is, it's always depend on you, how u project ur faith towards God..nobody will blame u, or force u to do something which only to show how deep of ur believe in least this is my view, coz i always believe in God,but to show it by going to church every Sunday,nope i didnt do so..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009!!

Mungkin terlalu awal for sia wish kamu kan,but better awal rather than,dalam beberapa hari ni sebelum masuk tahun baru,banyak yg berlaku disekeliling kita!! landslide,car accidents, even pregnant lady kena langgar time baru ja keluar rumah,kesian bah..

Paling sia enda tahan adalah tentang landslide di Bukit Antarabangsa, sad,esp tempat tu berlaku 1.5km dari Highland Towers,15 years ago.masih ingat?even the Highland Tower's victim pun cakap,project will go on after 3months..this politician cakap banyak ja,but in reality,nothing happens!!
If semua sedar bahawa tempat tu enda selamat for hill projects,then why still approved the project?weird eh?and now,our Information Minister said that this blame should be shared both developer and buyer!! gosh,obviously people akan beli rumah yang baik,cantik and kawasan yg mg terkenal dari segi,salah pembeli rumah juga ka if they still proceed buy this house?then,why in the first place built this place,kalau bukan mau jual ni tempat,kan?if kamu faham apa maksud sia..

Why im so sad?well,coz one of the victim (young mother) happened to be a daughter-in-law to somebody,yang sia kenal.. and to read the newspaper,showing the grandma's pic (the one i know),its very unbelievable!!!

And today news, a 7-month old pregnant lady hit by car,just outside her house,im so sad..but keep saying about road/highway accident,but suddenly this thing happened in housing estate..everything happens when few days lagi mau masuk new really sure,this will remains in the memory forever,coz sepa yang enda pernah ingat something happen during end of the year,kan? Condolences foe both family..

So,guys,please no heavy drink or dont do anything stupid during this few days of the remaining 2008 yah..Have a good celebration,wish u all "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009"..

"If only they learned from the past.." hopefully,our country will learn from this second tragedy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


the spirit of paddy....

must have reason to have that dog,kan?maybe dog can see "thing"?

this remind me of metamorphosis..

Indeed, she was so beautiful..

Hm, never expected this kind of mythology, i mean from our culture itself, will make name in international stage..well,do you really know about this legend? come and read this..

First, there was nothing but Kinoingan and Sumundu . Together, they created man and the universe, the earth, and everything seen and unseen, known and unknown.

In the beginning, all was well in the Heavens, and the world was pure and beautiful. But one day, Ponompulan, Kinoingan’s son, rebelled against his divine father, and he corrupted the hearts and minds of the humans on earth.

Disappointed and angry, Kinoingan banished Ponompulan from the Heavens and cast him to Kolungkud . Then, to punish mankind for their sinful ways, Kinoingan sent seven plagues. The last plague was a severe draught, and famine threatened to destroy every living being on earth.

But at last, the people on earth realised their sin, and turned back to Kinoingan, to ask for forgiveness. Ponompuan, Kinoingan’s only daughter, entreated her father’s mercy to forgive the people of the world and consented to Kinoingan's proposal that she be sacrificed, as a symbol of the greatest love of all.

Kinoingan sacrificed His only daughter so that the people could have food. Her body parts were planted as seeds and became the food resource of the world: rice. Ponompuan’s spirit dwells in the paddy, and is the seven-in-one Bambaazon (Bambarayon), the spirit of the paddy. Red rice is the most sacred of all, because it was from the flesh of Ponompuan.

Ponompuan, who is often called Huminodun, is in essence the soul of the paddy. During harvesting time, the Bobohizans (Bobolians) usher the seven-in-one soul of Bambaazon to dwell in the Tangkob (Toguruon), at home, until the next planting season is due.

To thank Kinoingan for Bambaazon’s gift of a good harvest, the Pesta Ka’amatan (Harvest Festival) is held. The Kadazans forgive each other, restore and strengthen peace and harmony – not only on a worldly level, but also between nature and the spiritual world – and play the gongs, sing songs and dance to the ancient rhythm of life.

To commemorate the greatest love of all, Kinoingan’s sacrifice of His only daughter, the Kadazans idolise Huminodun and select the Unduk Ngadau (lit: zenith of the sun; Harvest Beauty Queen) in order to remember that Ponompuan was perfect: she was of total beauty of the heart, mind soul and body.

Macam enda percaya pulak we have this mythical legend kan? i mean after so long celebrated Pesta Menuai..wau...but today,sia mau highlights what happened in Hong Kong..well,there is one artist,local/sabahan, which she used digital photo technique, and created this beautiful painting, and sold it at Christie, an auction di Hong Kong for USD 38000/RM 117000..UNbelievable bah!! i feel like it was so true and it has the sense to be a true legend..

P/S: hopefully we will appreciated more of Pesta Menuai after this, rather than waiting just for "moginum",kan..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

meet the Johns..

well,haaaaaave u meet the Johns?haha,simply put pics here so u can see my "whole part"..well,mumy sia bgtahu, kalau mau kenal sama itu org,bagus kenal juga sama family dia..and,if u have Gf/Bf, make sure dia cintai family kamu juga..fuh,dalam bah maksud mumy sia tu.saja bg renungan untuk kamu semua,haha

this pics taken last 2 weeks, during my bro's graduation..u can see my elder sis,younger sis,mumy and bro..

there is nothing in this world compared to your family,right? miss u all..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

the Barney's ways...

yeah,if only u watched "how I met your mother" series, then u know what i'm taking,its already in season 4, which i cant see the chemistry between the actors/actress yet..well,they still invited some popular artists to join them,which i find rather disgusting.dont tell me,ur everyday life always mixed with this kind of people..

and my favourite actor, is totally Barney@ Neil patrick harris..hahaha,de-wait for it-lightful..awesome!!
and if u r the type of clubbing person,then u may find this "terms" quite useful..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Money No Enough 2

Classification: U
Genre: Comedy
General Release Date: 28 Aug 2008
Running Time: 2 Hours 5 Minutes,
Distributor: Grand Brilliance
Cast: Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee, Lai Ming
Director: Jack Neo

Another one of Singapore’s Jack Neo’s movie that put me in tears. There is no need for special effects or good-looking actors to make this movie good. Money No Enough, is good enough. This movie, is a very real movie, which reflected our everyday lives.

When earning a basic income is not enough, we start taking risks to improved one’s social economy status. When money, easily earn, may also be easily lost. And most importantly, the things that money can’t buy. We never realized how important they are, until we lost them.

With Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee casting as the 3 brothers in this movie, with different levels of economy background, facing similar problems. I personally thought that Lai Ming played a very good role as their mother… I think she could win the best actress award!

I cried seeing how much the mother (Lai Ming) was ill treated in this movie. How difficult it is to cope with an elderly with Alzheimer. When an old person suffers from amnesia, asking repeated questions and had urinary incontinence. The geriatric population is growing, yet with more and more of them neglected. When those who loved you most, you labeled them as a 'burden'... and send them away...

There was a section of the movie which I finds rather interesting. When the mother was in ICU and there was not enough O- blood. And it was ridiculous fighting over that pint of blood. And the part where she pulled out the CPAP tube, and the monitor readings go haywire.. and the doctor, who was away from the patient.. ran back, auscultating, not attempting to even resuscitate the patient, and later reporting the time of death.. and I was wondering, hmm… things doesn’t work that way…

i used to laughed at movies which are medically illogical or unreal. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at this movie. I was still in tears. The message was clear.

A mother would do ANYTHING for their child / family. The mother would give up all her life savings for her children, even the last bit of savings for her funeral. A mother would do anything: ask, beg or even steal for her children. When seeing her children in trouble, the only thing she is worried is being not able to help them... and this made her depressed...

The young mother would do anything, even risk her life or steal blood to save Stella’s life. And Stella’s grandmother, would sacrifice herself too.

MOTHER is indeed the toughest and most noble occupation in the world.

Love your mother. Love your family.

Oh yes, before I forget, this was a great movie! I give it 82%! =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

such a good song and a good drama!!!

well,im not so into chinese drama or movie,but i feel this drama is so great,the way they expressed their feeling..yupe,u know the drama,so many actor/actress played it,esp. andy lau,and the 1 actor from taiwan,gosh forgot his name!!

well,i saw that drama during 2000,kinda cool but lack of,with this drama,u can see the lovely actress and the hero also was so good in smiling..hahaha.but,this drama was made in 2006,so i kinda late here..but better late than never!
really cant imagined somebody have to wait for 16 years,just to meet somebody,auch!!..well,cant say much now,but i enjoed this song..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

gosh,im not so motivated laa!!!

yup,i did write lots og blog here,but then most of it just 'separuh jalan'..and put it inside my save folder,until now,there are many draft compare to published post,huhu!

cant blame anybody,coz i tried to not wirte sometg more about my daily life here,but u know,sometg very interesting..but,the 'interesting' stuff,is very likely to happen in medical life ehh??

if i wanna do movie review,gosh need to wait till 2months,then only go watch movie in theathre..really,that one oso depends on what type of movie is playing on,if more to "simply" one,wont waste my time to go!! rather stay at home checking my facebook..

well,one of my friends,she really good in blogging!! and every little things that happened in her daily life,she will write it there.really dedicated eh? wonder if she will write it too,if she got constipation!is she gonna tell us every little thing about her bowel habit then,hehe..

but,that is what i can call as motivation..yupe,motivation to become a real blogger..guest,i myself still not achieved that level yet..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sex & The City

Classification: 18PL
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Running Time: 2 hours 24 minutes
Director: Michael Patrick King
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, Jennifer Hudson, Lynn Cohen.
My Ratings: 4/5stars

I loved this movie. There, I was already bias before I even start on the review. If you are upset or depressed and really need a laugh, this is the movie for you. It was hilarious all the way. Like seriously, funny.. so, after the prof wu incident, this was like an elixir… and if you like movies like ‘devil wears prada’ and ‘27 dresses’, you would love this movie very very much too! The ‘baju’ all so nice- giving me the uncontrollable urge to shop. And the huge wardrobe? I was speechless… I was going like oh-my-God before Carrie repeated after me…

4 best-est girlfriends, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) in New York City, middle age women, experiencing difference phases of life, love and challenges.

I enjoyed this movie very much, besides being super hilarious, I guess, I find it easy to relate myself and people around me to it. Like no matter what happens, your best buddies girl friends will always be there. When I heard the question- why do you want to go to New York? It reminded my of suk teng… and I could already predict the answer.

On days of depression, you just bury yourself under the blankets and regress. And there was the laughing for no reason, and shouting ‘ahh’ and ‘oh my god’ that people from the next table stared back. Yes, those were the crazy old days.. I missed those days… hanging out on a girl’s night out is fun! Dressing up, shopping, going somewhere nice to eat, drink, have the ‘fashion show’, going on a vacation, playing ‘hang-man’, talking bout anything, everything, just chilling and laughter, sharing secrets… what will I do without them?

I guess this movie is an-every-girl's-dream-movie. You know the perfect guy-thingy and the happily-ever-after. And when you grow older, you realized that they both do not exist.

When you are single, you wonder where he is. When you are in a relationship, you wonder whether he is the one. And you will never stop wondering… And girls being girls; are not easily satisfied.

Happily ever after does not exist. My mum never told me that. She fed me with fairytales of Cinderella and Snow White, like candy cones. That is why one has to not only love each other, but also love their relationship or marriage. Because there will be days where, mistakes were made, trust were betrayed, and when that happens you will need something stronger for salvation - quoted from for one more day, mitch albom, which i read last weekend. good book, will find time to write a review about it later.

P/s: I heard that the series were better. Looking forward to watch it!

P/ss: I am ‘gifted’ to predict what will happen next when I watch movies, which sometimes takes the fun out of it. And my friends would go, ‘how do you know?’.. even for the lamest movie like the sparrow and happening! hmm, maybe next time I should start betting on it..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Dark Knight

The Dark Night presented a new perspective of Batman. Instead of being the conventional ‘Oh my superhero, thank you for saving my life’ character... the citizens of Gothem actually hated Batman and wanted him to be put to justice. It hurts a lot, when you worked so hard to protect something, and not only were you not appreciated, but you were blamed...

I find this very similar in the medical field. Everyday, doctors slaved themselves to save lives, and some patients repaid them with unsatisfactory complaints and law-suits. However I do not blame the naive patients who had to wait hours for a consultation. When you are sick, irritable and unwell, waiting on the bench for hours is certainly not what one can tolerate. I blame the system instead, and the lawyers brain washing their victims, and the shortage of doctors. However, a short ‘thank you’, would make a difference, really, in fact a big difference... just 2 words. Doctors needed healing too. They needed a reason to carry on, to fight.

Anyway, review on movie: This 2 hours 32 minutes movie is worth your time. Whether you are an action-packed enthusiast, fan of intellectual challenging movies, a technology craze or simply a fan of Batman, this is a movie tailored for you! The trio of Batman (Bruce Wayne), Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, joined forces to dismantle the criminal organizations and put the mafias behind bars. The unpredictable mastermind, the Joker, was certainly a challenging opponent. I personality finds some scenes in this movie, eg, the joker with the knife, rather disturbing. This movie showed that, sometimes, we are too human to go against criminals like The Joker. The scene with the ships, with explosive remotes, showed that even in desperate life-and-death situation, being humans, we still have a heart.

Batman being more than just a superhero: when you work to serve others, there are sacrifices you make. How an ordinary person can be extraordinary. You do not need to have super strength, the ability to fly or be bitten by a spider to be a superhero. There is a little hero inside everyone one of us, let it shine.

I shall not reveal more, you enjoy the movie. =)

Plus point: Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne – charmingly handsome!
Director : Christopher Nolan

Ratings: 4stars /5 : Haunting, stylish, brilliant!